Gifting VeloPro

We believe that sending the gift of VeloPro is probably the best gift you can give your cycling friends. Enter your gift information below and we will provide your friend with a virtual Gift Card in the amount of your choosing. If the recipient is already a VeloPro member, they can apply your gift to their future invoice. If the recipient is not a VeloPro member yet, they can sign up, receive our 30-day free trial, and apply your gift to their future invoice. Thanks for shopping with us and giving the gift of VeloPro!

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Enter this amount in whole dollars, i.e. no cents, and note that the recipient can apply any gift amount towards their VeloPro subscription.

Enter your credit card information below. Once you select 'Purchase Gift' below, we will charge your credit card for the amount chosen, send you a receipt, and send an email to the recipient with a gift card code in the amount you have selected. Note that there are no refunds once you purchase your gift.