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VeloPro learns about you, your goals, and schedule. Then we create training plans that continuously adapt to your performance. You get fitter, faster, and stronger.


VeloPro makes training easy to understand. We motivate you to ride outdoors or indoors. We help you train smarter with advanced training science enhanced with USA Cycling Level 1 certified coaching experience.


No matter your goal, VeloPro helps you get there. Road, mountain, and cyclocross, VeloPro has your back! Our athletes train for fitness, endurance, and events like centuries, time trials, and races.

The VeloPro Difference

When you first begin to ride, performance improvements come naturally. However, easy gains stop and bad habits may develop. VeloPro provides training plans that dynamically adapt to you, helping prevent bad habits and providing motivation. Don’t be your own worst coach. Stop fiddling with endless training variables. VeloPro uses proven training science to create plans that work. We simplify the training process so you can focus on what you love - riding.

Who needs VeloPro?

  • Riders that have performance goals
  • Riders preparing for an event
  • Riders that have plateaued or are doing the same training ride over-and-over
  • Riders just starting out or that want to learn great training habits

How It Works

  • VeloPro creates unique training plans for each athlete based on cycling goals, experience, and fitness.
  • Plans are designed to build confidence and prepare you to peak for your event.
  • Workouts are tailored to maximize improvement while avoiding plateaus and over-training injuries.
See The Details

The VeloPro Dashboard tracks your progress toward your goal.

What You Get

VeloPro packs in tons of easy-to-use features. For example, you get an interactive training plan calendar, a summary training dashboard, and a detailed ride-analysis engine that lets you see stats for every ride.

See The Details

VeloPro presents plans in an easy-to-follow interactive calendar.


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