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"Misery Loves Company" - The Saga of Indoor Training image

"Misery Loves Company" - The Saga of Indoor Training

Our Friends at Billy Goat Bicycle Company just published a fantastic article about indoor training. For those of us that are "old school" and reluctant to try indoor cycling, this article helps knock down the barriers. It even quotes our own coach and VeloPro CEO Adnan Kadir!

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The Robo Coaches Have Arrived image

The Robo Coaches Have Arrived

Adnan was interviewed for a piece in June 2019 issue of Triathlete Magazine. The article is only available in print format, but here's an excerpt:

"VeloPro, a Portland-based company, is offering what it calls an AI-based training optimization system. Essentially, you plug in what you're training for, how much time you have to train, and the computer designs a plan. As you go along and import your power meter data, the computer will learn your habits and begin to build even more customized plans for you, says the company's founder, Adnan Kadir. Right now, VeloPro is only available for cyclists, since it relies on accurate power meter data, but Kadir hopes to have it up and running for triathletes soon.

VeloPro is also much, much cheaper than a traditional coach. The plans are just $10 a month. Kadir, who is a USAC Level 1 cycling coach, in addition to being the company's founder, contrasts that to the $350 base rate he charges his real-life clients. Kadir can see why traditional coaches are watching these platforms with both curiosity and, perhaps, a touch of concern."

I Went From Barely Biking to Doing A 545-mile Ride in Less Than A Year. Here’s the Gear That Helped. image

I Went From Barely Biking to Doing A 545-mile Ride in Less Than A Year. Here’s the Gear That Helped.

The right stuff can be as important as the right attitude.

Cycling is really good for you. It builds muscle—not just the obvious ones in your butt and legs, but in your shoulders and abs, too—and increases bone density, which helps prevent osteoporosis and fractures. It also provides a great aerobic workout without putting a ton of stress on your joints, and gives you access to the physical and mental benefits of time in the great outdoors.

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The AI Coach: VeloPro image

The AI Coach: VeloPro

Patrick Brady of Red Kite Prayer took a deeper look at VeloPro and even used it to train for Dirty Kanza. What does he think of VeloPro and how did it work for him?

"To be clear, VeloPro isn’t meant to be a replacement for all coaches. Ideally, what it will do is introduce cyclists who have never used a structured training plan to a periodized training schedule. This is a big deal, bigger than many will think. A recurring conversation I have with newer cyclists is how their improvement has plateaued, or worse, they are feeling tired and run down. The first question I ask anyone is when they last took a rest week. I’m rarely met with anything other than a blank stare."

Click the link below to read on.

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Top 10 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps for 2019 image

Top 10 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps for 2019

Smark Bike Trainers took a look at the top 10 indoor cycling apps for 2019. We were pleased that VeloPro was included! VeloPro is unique in that it can be used for indoor and outdoor training. It also a cloud-based app that works on any web browser. It's a very interesting article that breaks down the apps into two categories; apps with virtual riding experience, and apps with structured training. Give it a read.

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Velopro Dynamic Training Plans – AI Meets Endurance Coaching image

Velopro Dynamic Training Plans – AI Meets Endurance Coaching

Training with Data recently took a look under the hood of VeloPro for our most thorough review yet! Here's what they had to say:

  • "VeloPro is a great concept. It’s billed as a virtual coach powered by Artificial intelligence and aimed at riders who can’t afford or justify using a coach and don’t want to learn the theory behind endurance training."
  • "The headline feature is the training schedule which is claimed use AI to tailor workouts to your exact requirements, creating a personalized structured training plan for your target event(s)."
  • "As your performance and circumstances change VeloPro adapts and optimizes the workouts to reflect these changes."
  • "If it works, it could be a game changer!"

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The Paceline - 156 image

The Paceline - 156

Patrick Brady and Bicycling Magazine's "The Fit Chick", Selene Yeager, host "The Paceline." This Popular podcast hosted by Red Kite Prayer explores cycling in its varied forms and disciplines. From gravel racing and the pro scene, to club spins and the latest in training theory and practice, The Paceline has got it covered.

We're excited that in their latest podcast (Episode 156), the hosts give VeloPro a try and discuss their experience and thoughts. Check it out. The segment on VeloPro starts around minute 37.

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Road Bike Rider - Four Questions for VeloPro Co-Founder Adnan Kadir image

Road Bike Rider - Four Questions for VeloPro Co-Founder Adnan Kadir

When you have the world's first AI powered training system for cyclists, the world has questions! We're more than happy to answer them. Check out Coach Kadir's responses to questions posed by the smart folks at Road Bike Rider.

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VeloPro and Premium Tour Operator RAID CYCLING Announce Partnership image

VeloPro and Premium Tour Operator RAID CYCLING Announce Partnership

AI-Powered Training System Will Help Prepare Cyclists for Curated Tours Led by Touring Veteran Brad Sauber

Portland, OR, April 17, 2019 -- VeloPro, the world’s first AI-powered training system for cyclists, is pleased to announce a new partnership with RAID CYCLING, the premier operator of custom cycling tours. Starting in 2019, all cyclists joining RAID trips will have the opportunity to prepare for their adventure using VeloPro’s industry-leading system for three months at no additional cost.

VeloPro’s adaptable system ensures that any cyclists -- no matter their level of experience -- gets a customized training program perfectly designed to prepare them for the hills and headwinds they might find on the roads of their RAID tour.

To create and continually optimize custom training programs for cyclists, VeloPro uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm that considers a rider’s experience and schedule, as well as the distance, elevation, and the date of their RAID tour or other targeted event -- and then applies proven periodized training structures, just as a live coach would. Using that data, as well as training updates from cyclists, VeloPro is able to ensure that athletes stay on track amid changing schedules and training challenges to arrive at their tour ready to have the best-possible ride.

RAID Cycling is a new premium tour experience operated by Brad and Dawn Sauber. The couple has 25 years of experience leading cycling tours, and is now focused on curating highly customized experiences that combine the best cycling with must-see destinations and cultural immersion. All cyclists participating in RAID trips in 2019 will have the opportunity to access a three-month VeloPro subscription.

“We’re grateful to have such well-respected partners in Brad and Dawn,” said VeloPro co-founder and head coach Adnan Kadir. “To get the most out of any cycling event -- whether it’s your first fondo, a charity ride, or a multi-day tour like a RAID experience -- you should arrive at the start prepared and confident. That’s a guaranteed way to have a better experience -- and get a better result. We’re so pleased to be able to offer our easy-to-use training system to all RAID cyclists, and to help them have more fun on their tours.”

“Our focus is on helping cyclists experience new places, and create personal connections with new locations and new communities,” said Brad Sauber, Founder of RAID Cycling. “While we’re committed to giving any cyclist who rides with us a memorable, enjoyable ride, we believe that a fit cyclist is better prepared to have more fun, and get more out of our tours. We’re grateful to have a partner like VeloPro that takes all of the guesswork out of training, allowing our clients to easily follow a plan as they prepare to ride with us.

About VeloPro

VeloPro is the world’s first AI-powered training system for cyclists. VeloPro is designed to make world-class training accessible and affordable to cyclists of all levels who don’t have a professional coach. VeloPro’s dynamic machine learning system creates custom structured training plans for each rider, to prepare them for specific road, mountain, gravel, or cyclocross events. Plans are based on cycling experience, current fitness, and weekly schedules, and automatically adjust as athletes complete their prescribed workouts, to help any rider reach a goal event in peak condition. Whether a cyclist is training for their first fondo, a charity ride, or a multi-day tour, VeloPro ensures that they arrive at the start line confident and in their best shape. The My First Century program encourages cyclists to train for major goal events while partnerships with various events encourages cyclists to achieve ambitious goals with a high-level of support.


RAID Cycling is the most authentic, curated, and in-depth experience an individual can have on a bicycle. Built on decades of travel and cycling experience, every RAID trip is as unique as our guests. At our core is a culture that has formed organically, influenced by like-minded riders, the tenets of which have: the spirit of adventure and exploration, a passion for quality, and a certain rhythm of life. If the RAID spirit intrigues you, we hope you’ll come along for a ride. The 2019 RAID schedule includes Japan Southern Islands, Japan Tokyo to Kyoto, Corsica, Portland to San Francisco, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Southern California, and Hawaii. For trip inspiration, follow RAID on Instagram.


For more information, please contact:
Andrew Bernstein

VeloPro and TEMPO cycling & pilates studio Launch TEMPO remote image

VeloPro and TEMPO cycling & pilates studio Launch TEMPO remote

Cycling Studio of World Champion Track Cyclist leverages the power of VeloPro’s adaptive training system.

Portland, OR October 23, 2018 — VeloPro LLC, the world's first online dynamic training system for cyclists, joins with TEMPO cycling & pilates studio, the official training studio of Cycle Oregon, to bring the revolutionary training service “TEMPO remote” to cycling athletes.

Now cyclists can benefit from world-class training anywhere in the world along with in-studio training and coaching.  Coach Kirk Whiteman, the co-owner of TEMPO, is the winner of multiple National and World Championships in track cycling.  He is also the coach of 10 crowned world champions, winning over 100 World and U.S. National Championship medals. “We’re excited to launch TEMPO remote to athletes who need an edge in training.  TEMPO remote gives us the opportunity to share our unique balanced training system that includes core work, strength, and flexibility. It makes our athletes winners.”

“TEMPO remote” is the first offering from VeloPro’s Affiliate Program which brings together the clicks of online cycling training with the bricks of the world’s best cycling studios.  “This is the best of both worlds,” says Adnan Kadir, co-founder of VeloPro.  “Cyclists get dynamic training programs that adapt with them as they improve as well as the experience of another proven winning coach.  We couldn’t be more excited.”

TEMPO remote can be tried for a free two week trial at

To learn more about the VeloPro Affiliate Program visit


If you would like more information about VeloPro, or would like to schedule an interview with Kirk Whiteman or Adnan Kadir, please email

VeloPro Simplifies Offerings and Lowers Price image

VeloPro Simplifies Offerings and Lowers Price

Adaptive Training For Cyclists Relaunches With New Price and New CMO

Portland, OR August 16, 2018 — VeloPro LLC, the world’s first dynamic training system for cyclists, announced today that it is consolidating its offerings into one premium service and significantly lowering the price from $24 to $10 a month.

“VeloPro is the clear leader in making cycling training smart and easy.  We want to reflect these values in our service offering and inspire even more athletes to train,” says Jon Seaman, VeloPro’s new Chief Marketing Officer.  “Not every athlete can find or afford a coach. Cyclists need structured and personalized training to improve. It’s our goal to make this advanced training accessible to riders of all levels and we’ve added a host of new features to support this mission.”

Now in its third year of successful operation, VeloPro has introduced estimated power, automatic ride imports from Strava, and workouts that convert with a click to indoor training rides for Zwift and other compatible virtual training systems.

Jon Seaman comes to VeloPro as a veteran technology and healthcare marketer at Intel and Intel-GE Care Innovations.  As one of our earliest success stories, Jon used VeloPro to build his fitness after a lifetime of kidney disease, dialysis, and a transplant. Training with VeloPro, he lost 65 pounds, completed his first metric century ride and just competed in Donate Life's Transplant Games of America.

Cyclists can try VeloPro free for 30 days at


If you would like more information about VeloPro, or would like to schedule an interview with Jon Seaman or head coach Adnan Kadir, email

Athletic Improvement image

Athletic Improvement

There’s a common misconception that high performance comes at a high price, both in financial terms and time. The guys at Verve wanted to dispel this idea, by demonstrating that with the right equipment and guidance, anyone can experience significant improvement.

Michael Smith, who typically commutes 250 miles a week, took part in the study and was provided with an InfoCrank and RevBox, as well as access to VeloPro (an adaptive training programme) and Zwift.

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VeloPro Simplifies Indoor Training image

VeloPro Simplifies Indoor Training

Ever have those days when you are unable to fit in your outdoor workout? VeloPro's Adnan Kadir joins us to discuss how VeloPro easily modifies your training program to fit your changing schedule, needs (and weather).

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The Indoor Cycling Renaissance image

The Indoor Cycling Renaissance

No matter how much sweat I leave on the den floor, I can’t ride with D. Smith. A hard-charging, road-cycling avatar on Zwift, the realistic, graphics-driven cycling workout app that’s running on my laptop, Smith isn’t real. (I also changed his name.) Neither are the computer-generated hills, descents, palm trees, fellow cyclists, and, of course, long stretches of smooth pavement. Neither is my own road-riding avatar. But my hard work is no lie.

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Small Business Success Story image

Small Business Success Story

Featured today in our Small Business Success Story segment is VeloPro. VeloPro is an adaptive, intuitive bike training app curated by Adnan Kadir. The app provides online training services tailored to each riders unique personality and goals. Adnan saw a need for something he was passionate about and put his ideas to work with the help of his business partner, Robert.....

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Estimate your power on the bike without a meter image

Estimate your power on the bike without a meter

What if it was not necessary to buy a power meter to find out how many watts are being applied during a given ride? Many would see this as a dream, for what prevents most athletes from having access to this type of technology is the high cost.....

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VeloPro Releases New Estimated Power Feature for Riders Without Power Meters image

VeloPro Releases New Estimated Power Feature for Riders Without Power Meters

Portland-based VeloPro launched their dynamic training system back in September, but it required a power meter.

Now, in addition to the tools that create a user-specific training plan based on your ride data and real life schedule, VeloPro has worked to include functions for users without power meters. The Estimated Power option uses an algorithm that creates data that power meter-less folks would otherwise not be able to obtain....

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VeloPro's Adnan Kadir Talks Cyclocross image

VeloPro's Adnan Kadir Talks Cyclocross

Name just about any discipline of cycling, and Adnan Kadir’s team of 12 zealots most likely races it: road biking, mountain biking, relays, triathlons. Cyclocross, that grime-soaked, two-wheeled form of steeplechase, combines it all, with riders tackling muddy courses dotted with all manner of obstacles, often while carrying their bikes. Kadir, like many others, first dabbled in cyclocross as an off-season training regimen for road racing, to stay fit and develop his bike-handling skills. Now, it’s one of his team’s favorite races. “Road biking can be really uptight, and mountain biking is relaxed,” says Kadir. “Cyclocross is somewhere in the middle”....

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VeloPro Goes Above the Data to Create Real-Time, User-Specific, Training Plans image

VeloPro Goes Above the Data to Create Real-Time, User-Specific, Training Plans

VeloPro has recently announced its new training system that aims to combine your ride data with a personalized training plan that takes into account your lifestyle. Instead of simply displaying your heart rate and average speed, VeloPro uses this data combined with factors such as your motivation that day or the business end of your schedule to calculate future goals and an overall training plan specific to you. Log into their site and you’ll see data visualization and dynamic calendars along with graphics showing your actual progress and predicted progress....

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Adnan Kadir: Cyclist and Trainer image

Adnan Kadir: Cyclist and Trainer

Originally from Esbjerg, Denmark, Adnan Kadir grew up all over the world. By the time he moved to Portland in 1997, Adnan had already spent a year biking throughout Europe and living his passion of road racing. Now 44-years-old, Adnan has competed in over 600 races and is an endurance athlete coach as well as an entrepreneur. He trains endurance athletes from all over the globe, which include cyclists, mountain bike racers, triathletes, and runners. In addition, recently Adnan has co-created a new type of human performance software, called VeloPro. This software is the first of it’s kind to help manage athletic performance using a dynamic training program that keeps track of goals, history, and workout data....

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Portland Cycling Coach Turns Entrepreneur image

Portland Cycling Coach Turns Entrepreneur

About a year ago, Kadir was having dinner with his friend Robert Vizza, who is also active in the cycling world. Vizza is a software architect and developer who had just moved to Portland from Silicon Valley, looking for a change. Kadir mentioned his desire to do something different with training software for cyclists....

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VeloPro's Adnan Kadir image

VeloPro's Adnan Kadir

Tonight we'll expand on our earlier discussion about VeloPro ( Joining us will be Adnan Kadir, one of the three creators of VeloPro, as well as two VeloPro users. VeloPro provides users with a dynamic training program based on goals, history and workout data. It adapts to your schedule to help get you the most out of your training time. VeloPro gives users the tools to analyze your performance while guiding your training and rest. VeloPro is useful for cyclists of all levels....

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