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Athletic Improvement

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There’s a common misconception that high performance comes at a high price, both in financial terms and time. The guys at Verve wanted to dispel this idea, by demonstrating that with the right equipment and guidance, anyone can experience significant improvement.

Michael Smith, who typically commutes 250 miles a week, took part in the study and was provided with an InfoCrank and RevBox, as well as access to VeloPro (an adaptive training programme) and Zwift.

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VeloPro Simplifies Indoor Training

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Ever have those days when you are unable to fit in your outdoor workout? VeloPro's Adnan Kadir joins us to discuss how VeloPro easily modifies your training program to fit your changing schedule, needs (and weather). Full article.

The Indoor Cycling Renaissance

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No matter how much sweat I leave on the den floor, I can’t ride with D. Smith. A hard-charging, road-cycling avatar on Zwift, the realistic, graphics-driven cycling workout app that’s running on my laptop, Smith isn’t real. (I also changed his name.) Neither are the computer-generated hills, descents, palm trees, fellow cyclists, and, of course, long stretches of smooth pavement. Neither is my own road-riding avatar. But my hard work is no lie.

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Small Business Success Story

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Featured today in our Small Business Success Story segment is VeloPro. VeloPro is an adaptive, intuitive bike training app curated by Adnan Kadir. The app provides online training services tailored to each riders unique personality and goals. Adnan saw a need for something he was passionate about and put his ideas to work with the help of his business partner, Robert.....

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Estimate your power on the bike without a meter

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What if it was not necessary to buy a power meter to find out how many watts are being applied during a given ride? Many would see this as a dream, for what prevents most athletes from having access to this type of technology is the high cost.....

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VeloPro Releases New Estimated Power Feature for Riders Without Power Meters

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Portland-based VeloPro launched their dynamic training system back in September, but it required a power meter.

Now, in addition to the tools that create a user-specific training plan based on your ride data and real life schedule, VeloPro has worked to include functions for users without power meters. The Estimated Power option uses an algorithm that creates data that power meter-less folks would otherwise not be able to obtain....

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VeloPro's Adnan Kadir Talks Cyclocross

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Name just about any discipline of cycling, and Adnan Kadir’s team of 12 zealots most likely races it: road biking, mountain biking, relays, triathlons. Cyclocross, that grime-soaked, two-wheeled form of steeplechase, combines it all, with riders tackling muddy courses dotted with all manner of obstacles, often while carrying their bikes. Kadir, like many others, first dabbled in cyclocross as an off-season training regimen for road racing, to stay fit and develop his bike-handling skills. Now, it’s one of his team’s favorite races. “Road biking can be really uptight, and mountain biking is relaxed,” says Kadir. “Cyclocross is somewhere in the middle”....

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VeloPro Goes Above the Data to Create Real-Time, User-Specific, Training Plans

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VeloPro has recently announced its new training system that aims to combine your ride data with a personalized training plan that takes into account your lifestyle. Instead of simply displaying your heart rate and average speed, VeloPro uses this data combined with factors such as your motivation that day or the business end of your schedule to calculate future goals and an overall training plan specific to you. Log into their site and you’ll see data visualization and dynamic calendars along with graphics showing your actual progress and predicted progress....

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Adnan Kadir: Cyclist and Trainer

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Originally from Esbjerg, Denmark, Adnan Kadir grew up all over the world. By the time he moved to Portland in 1997, Adnan had already spent a year biking throughout Europe and living his passion of road racing. Now 44-years-old, Adnan has competed in over 600 races and is an endurance athlete coach as well as an entrepreneur. He trains endurance athletes from all over the globe, which include cyclists, mountain bike racers, triathletes, and runners. In addition, recently Adnan has co-created a new type of human performance software, called VeloPro. This software is the first of it’s kind to help manage athletic performance using a dynamic training program that keeps track of goals, history, and workout data....

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Portland Cycling Coach Turns Entrepreneur

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About a year ago, Kadir was having dinner with his friend Robert Vizza, who is also active in the cycling world. Vizza is a software architect and developer who had just moved to Portland from Silicon Valley, looking for a change. Kadir mentioned his desire to do something different with training software for cyclists....

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VeloPro's Adnan Kadir

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Tonight we'll expand on our earlier discussion about VeloPro ( Joining us will be Adnan Kadir, one of the three creators of VeloPro, as well as two VeloPro users. VeloPro provides users with a dynamic training program based on goals, history and workout data. It adapts to your schedule to help get you the most out of your training time. VeloPro gives users the tools to analyze your performance while guiding your training and rest. VeloPro is useful for cyclists of all levels....

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