Breaking the 80-Mile Mark

Putting my goals in perspective

It’s good to look back often and remember where you came from, but I also believe it’s better to look ahead at all that life offers, that you can reach for.

For me, I had always lived in the moment and season of life that I was in. Once I got older, looking forward to the next birthday, school year, job opportunity or vacation was no longer satisfying. Then when something unexpected and devastating happens and everything get put on hold, you just feel the world spinning and spinning without any real purpose.

Back in October 2012 we were living in that moment, taking life day by day following my son’s diagnosis with leukemia. Then while we were on our Make a Wish trip to Disneyland, the unthinkable happened. That night would change our lives forever but would also open us up to see a new journey that would take us higher than we had ever climbed before.

In January 2013, following the sudden passing of my father in law from a massive heart attack, I needed to talk a walk to clear my head of the unexpected health crisis that had overtaken our family since 2010. It was then that I took my first step forward into my new future, but with a new pace, running faster and farther than ever before.

Running was not something I cared to do for sport, but I knew it could take me somewhere. After a few test runs and races, I knew I could reach for more distance and added cycling. Now 6 years later my miles have added up, and giving me something to challenge myself with, before life had the chance to challenge back.

In 2019 I will attempt to complete My First Century ride at the Strawberry Century in June.  I have had 2 chances breaking the 80-mile mark but this time I will be ready! I am looking Forward again to a healthy future and ready to go the distance with the training plan I have with VeloPro!