First MFC Team Ride

See our featured athletes in action

Between late season snow storms here in the Pacific Northwest, we had our first MFC team ride!  It was a super casual 17-miler on the Springwater Trail in Portland Oregon.  The purpose was just to get to know each other and have some fun.  8 of our 10 athletes were able to attend (check out our athlete profiles at the bottom of the MFC page) along with Coach Kadir, Jon Seaman and video king, Dave Anolik.

After the ride, we handed out some great goodies to help our athletes in training. First we gave them hydration and recovery products from Osmo Nutrition. Then we gave them PowerTap PowerCals. PowerCals are a great way to monitor your heart rate and get an estimate of your power output. Perfect for folks just getting into training.

Here's the route we took around PDX.

 Here you can see MFC Featured Athlete, Peter leading the pack. 



In this artistic shot by Dangerous Dave Anolik, you can see Adam Fast riding with Jon Seaman from VeloPro.