How do you win?

Moments of inspiration on the way to achieving your goals.

We’re introducing a new series of very short videos called “How Do You Win?”  We’ll be asking this question to coaches, athletes, and winners from all walks of life.  At VeloPro we love cycling, but we know break-through ideas can come from anywhere.  We offer these bite size moments of wisdom to inspire you when you need an extra push to reach your goals.

This series was inspired by and is dedicated to the memory of Coach Mike Duroe.  Coach Duroe recently passed away after fighting brain cancer.  Mike was a wrestling coach for over 38 years and was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and given the Lifetime Service Award. He was also inducted into the National Wrestling Coaches Association, Division III, Hall of Fame.  He coached athletes of all levels, from high-school, to NCAA All-Americans, to international and Olympic competitors.  One of our VeloPro athletes, Dangerous Dave Anolik, showed us a video of Coach Duroe dropping some much-needed wisdom.  That video inspired this series.

At VeloPro our tagline is “Plan, Train, Win.”  What does it mean to win?  There’s the traditional definition where you earn a 1st place victory in a competitive event.  Yes, that is winning.  However, that’s not the only way to win.  We consider winning to be setting a goal and then achieving it no matter what it takes. The goal should be challenging.  It should give you an ache in the pit of your stomach and a tingle of excitement when you commit to it.  Finally, In the struggle to achieve the goal you should learn something about yourself.  Sometimes self-knowledge comes with a trophy, most of the time it does not.  When you win you should feel a deep sense of satisfaction.  Most importantly you should take the time to reflect on and celebrate the journey.   

The first video we’re sharing is Coach Duroe.  We wish you good luck and may you find what it takes to win.