Jon's Beginner Blog #6 - Why the Fall is a Great Time to Ride

Confession time.  I had a huge article on bike safety primed and ready for this blog.  For all beginning riders, safety is a huge concern.  Never fear, I'll be back with that complete article next time.  This article is also about safety, but from a different angle. 

To catch the biking bug, you must ride. Fall is a perfect time to do this.  If riding on city streets has you nervous, there are other options.  Just the other day I had the pleasure of taking a casual ride on a car-free bike trail here in Oregon.  Car-free?!  You can't get safer than that.  This slice of heaven is called the Banks Vernonia State Trail.  It is twenty-two miles of uninterrupted biking bliss.  The trail is paved on a defunct rail line and crosses a beautiful railroad bridge called the Buxton Trestle. See the picture below. This little snippet of video in this post shows you just a few minutes of the trail and the beautiful fall colors.  

Building bike trails on rail lines is a huge deal these days.  The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is the organization leading this charge.  I urge you to check out their site and donate if you can.  Most importantly, if you want to find a great trail near you for safe, car-free riding explore their Trail Link site.  There are hundreds of beautiful trails across America.  Get out there and ride!