Sharing the Love with our Friends image

Sharing the Love with our Friends

Dialing in the VeloPro Video Studio

As we perfect the VeloPro video studio, we thought we'd give you a glimpse at some of our visual Easter-eggs.  In the background of this picture with our smiling Coach Kadir, you can see some of the things we love.  Yes, that's a picture of Major Taylor.  The other picture is of Dangerous Dave Anolik's great uncle who rode his bike from Vilnius Lithuania to Paris France in order to compete in cycling in the 1924 Olympics.  Hardcore!  You can’t quite see it, but that’s a bike chain on a jockey wheel holding up the VeloPro banner.

You'll also see tributes to some of our friends in the industry who support us. Besides those we've helpfully pointed out, there are more to come.  Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements in the next few weeks!  VeloPro is rolling!

Our studio is housed in a working garage dedicated to the loving-care of bicycles.  It seems appropriate and sets the right atmosphere.  It is also challenging as we work to get the lighting just right and struggle with the electrical systems.  At some point we'll give you view behind the scenes at all the cool bikes and gear.  Here’s a close-up picture of those books in the picture. 

The blue binder on the right is the go-to book from the United Bicycle Institute in Portland and Ashland, Oregon.  The white book and the black Glenn’s book cover a lot of vintage cycles, the Big Blue Book and the Zinn book cover everything else, up until a few years back.  By the way, we think it’s cheating to refurb vintage pre-1990 bikes using the internet and contemporary tools. LOL. 

Remember, if you have any questions that you'd like to ask Coach Kadir or the VeloPro crew on cycling training, you can email us at  We'll try to answer you on video!  If you have cool pictures of your bike cave, bikes, or training rides, we’d love to post them too.  Please share!