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The 2019 Marin Experience

Coach Kadir's Annual Cycling Camp is a Great Ride

Blog By Coach Adnan Kadir

Each year in May, I host a cycling camp in California’s Marin County.  Over the years, it has become less “training camp” and more “cycling trip.”  That doesn’t stop it being a great week of training in a fantastic location.

This year, California’s wet spring gave camp an otherworldly atmosphere, with fog over dry roads and glimpses of sunshine in the trees.  We rode under redwoods and eucalyptus, and on roads where seeing auto traffic is rare.

The days started with a home-cooked breakfast at the Ralston White Retreat, one of Mill Valley’s treasures and the former home of one of its most prominent families.  The riders would then depart in two groups based on speed, with a support car going behind the later group. After each day’s ride, we ate our lunch in the central square in the heart of town before the easy pedal back up to the Retreat.


Much of the riding takes place on and around Mt. Tamalpais - the geographical and, some would say, spiritual heart of Marin County.  Rising to nearly 2,500 feet above sea level, and preserved as a State Park, the mountain is covered in verdant forests and rolling meadows along with stands of 1000 year-old Coastal Redwood trees.


A cycling camp is a great way to get in a solid block of training.  With everything taken care of for you - food, bike, route guidance, coaching - all you have to do is focus on riding and recovery.  You can really focus on training and, perhaps more importantly, recovery. The camp’s staff includes a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a professional mechanic and soigneur.  There are no chores or work to do and no responsibilities besides having a great time!