The Easy Way to Wash Your Bike

Regularly washing your bike can

A clean bike looks super pro!  More importantly, washing your bike adds years to life of your bike and components. This saves you a ton of money in maintenance and parts.  Washing your bike may sound like a hassle, but the secret is to create a wash kit and then develop a routine.  Once you get the hang of it, five minutes and you are done. 

Here's how to wash your bike: 

  1. Put the bike in a stand, wheels off 
  2. Hang the chain using a chain hanger or old hub
  3. Degrease the chain with a chain cleaner
  4. Degrease the chainrings with a stiff brush soaked in degreaser
  5. Degrease the gear cassette the same way
  6. Rinse the chain, chainrings (by pedaling backwards while rinsing), and cassette with pressurized water, taking care to avoid the bottom bracket and hub bearings
  7. Soap the bike, from the top to the bottom, including the saddle, handlebars, and brake lever, with a soft brush and warm water with dish soap
  8. Wash the brake calipers and inside rear triangle with a soapy sponge
  9. Gently rinse the bike with a medium-pressure water spray
  10. Soap the hub bodies of both wheels with the sponge
  11. Use the soft brush to soap the rims and tires. 
  12. Gently rinse the wheels with a medium/light water spray
  13. Reinstall wheels, and check tires for any damage now that they are clean
  14. Dry the bike using a soft towel

Here's a list of tools for your wash kit with links to products we recommend: