The Importance of Good Form on Your Bike

Part 1 of three part series

Having good form on your bike makes riding faster, safer, and more enjoyable.   The three basic keys to good form on the bike are:

  1. Bike fit
  2. Strong core
  3. How to relax

The first step, Bike Fit is critically important. It can also be very complex to get perfect.  Here are the basic areas that you need to dial in for your specific body:

  • Saddle height - This is essential to get right. Poor saddle height is often the origin point for knee pain.
  • Saddle setback - This is important to ensure power generation and weight balance on the bike.
  • Handle bar height - Improper bar height is often the cause of numb hands and shoulder pain.
  • Handle bar distance - Bar distance can affect your aerodynamics on your bike.  It also can have an impact on your lower back.

Bike fit is 70% science, 20% experience and 10% art.  It can be very complex because every change you make can impact your other adjustments. Everyone needs individualized attention to get their fit right. We highly recommend investing in a professional bike fit. Find an expert in your local area.  Here are a few of VeloPro's favorites in the USA:

West Coast

East Coast