What is the Cent Cols Challenge?

Meet Phil Deeker the man behind the myth.

If you're like us, you're fascinated by what seems impossible. You wonder if you could do something amazing like the sports heroes you read about. Check out this video that features Phil Deeker the man behind the Cent Cols Challenge. The CCC is a legendary, bucket list event that cyclists everywhere fantasize about. Riding the most magnificent mountain peaks in Europe seems like a dream. Can you do it? We believe you can and will help you train to get there. You already know what it feels like to continually challenge yourself and the satisfaction of crushing a personal best. The Cent Cols Challenge requires another level of preparation. Imagine the feeling of being totally connected to your bike, committed to the ride, yet taking a moment to revel in the thrilling landscape with others on the same mission. Then do it again for ten days. We're so in. Are you?

VeloPro is proud to be the official training partner for the Cent Cols Challenge!