Why I Ride - Designer Christy Hawkins

We're delighted to announce a new series of videos that celebrates cycling and shares all the joys of our two wheeled passions.  It is a simple idea, we just ask the question, "why do you ride?"  The answers are universal yet unique, sometimes surprising, humbling and occasionally hilarious.  We hope these videos inspires new riders to join the community and reminds experienced riders why they continue to clip in.

Our first video features artist and designer Christy Hawkins.  Christy has professionally designed cycling kits for close to ten years.  Check out her website.  VeloPro is delighted to announce that we commissioned Christy to design new VeloPro kits that will launch in 2019.  They’re fantastic and we can’t wait to reveal them!  Christy is also a life-long cyclist and a cycling tour guide.  In this video, she kind enough to share why she rides.