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Longest Ride: 47 miles

Adam Fast

I am a family man with two sons, ages eight and three. I have rode bikes in some capacity my whole life. BMX bikes with friends as a kid, commuting on an old “10-speed” and casual riding. Six years ago a friend and neighbor introduced me to mountain biking in our local trail system. I was instantly hooked. I soon purchased a road bike to go on training rides with him. I have focused on biking since then as my sport.

Last summer a lifelong friend attempted to casually ride a century and failed short of his goal at 92 miles. I had also contemplated riding this distance as it is a milestone achievement to reach as an amateur cyclist. It is the distance that has a permanent place on the list of life experiences.

My motivation is to ride this distance with my friend and achieve this right of passage in the cycling community together.


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