Corvalis, OR

Co-owner of Footwise

Longest Ride: 86 miles

Peter Wendel

I have been an active athlete my entire life having played outdoor and indoor soccer, racquetball, skiing and running until I wore out my hips.  In my late 50s I had surgery to have both hip joints replaced.  Last year at age 66 I took up cycling as a replacement activity for racquetball and logged over 2500 miles according to Strava.

I really enjoy club riding and am a member of the Mid Valley Bike Club. Riding a Century is out on the frontier of what I hope to accomplish as a new rider - that challenge that I have been wondering if I am ready for.  2019 is the year I will reach for that goal.

In the community of riders I have found people who value their health and the benefits of challenging exercise.  I have seen benefits in dropping a few pounds, reduced blood pressure and eliminating meds I am taking.  And , at any age, what's not to like about riding a bike?

Peter Wendel's Blog Posts

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