Setting a Goal is Important for Cycling Training

Setting a Goal is Important for Cycling Training

VeloPro is unique in that our training plans are organized around specific event goals.  An event can any organized cycling experience.  Riders use VeloPro to train for criterium races, stage races, time trials, cyclocross and non-competitive endurance rides like centuries, gran fondos and randonnees. 

Why do we organize our training plans events?  In the training business, this is called “goal specificity.”  Train for what you want to do.  Sounds simple right?  If you are going to destination and you want to get there as quickly and efficiently possible, you use a map. A training plan is a map designed to get you to a fitness destination.  Without a plan, you are just riding around.  While this may be fun, it won’t help you be a better cyclist.  Without a destination or “goal,” it is hard to chart improvement over time. For example, if you want to train for a hill-climb event, your training plan should include workouts that help make you a better climber.  You should be able to track your progress as you train.

There is another benefit when training for an event.  It allows VeloPro to structure or “periodize” your training with an end date in mind.  Periodization breaks up the training into phases where we build your fitness while carefully balancing it with recovery and rest periods, so you avoid injury.  This is all put on a calendar, so you arrive at your event in peak fitness, confident, and ready for maximum performance.  

Perhaps the best benefit in training for an event is that it gives you something to look forward to.  You Events are powerful motivators. You can visualize your success. Events are exciting and a great way to challenge yourself. Also, events support your local cycling community.  Events give your supporters an opportunity to cheer for you.  Best of all, completing an event that you’ve trained hard for is extremely satisfying. 

*Photo credit: Harry Apelbaum Studios