Using VeloPro to Train for a Tandem Ride

Using VeloPro to Train for a Tandem Ride

They say that sharing a tandem either drives people apart or makes them best friends.  That may or may not be true, but one thing is for certain - a tandem has two engines, and the closer they are in terms of power, communication, and weight, the better (and faster) the ride will be.

So, how does one train for an event on a tandem? 

The short answer is: very similarly to the way one trains for solo events.  VeloPro plans always work with your schedule and ability, so the training workouts you get will be optimal.  What VeloPro doesn’t do is give you practice riding and handling a tandem bike or experience working with a partner.  Communicating with your partner is the really important part.  Your efforts need to be in sync.  Shifting, cadence, braking, and steering all require communication.  It doesn’t help to be in top shape if you’re constantly missing shifts or grinding gears because the stoker (rear rider) has no idea what the captain’s (front rider) plans are.  So, while it’s important to have good fitness, it’s just as important for both riders to learn to trust each other by working as a team and communicating efficiently.

Big thanks to Trevor Spangle and Jamie Lusk, tandem partners who provided this photo and used VeloPro to train for Dirty Kanza!