VeloPro User Tip - How to Take Time Off from Training

VeloPro User Tip - How to Take Time Off from Training

Life happens.  Travel, schedule changes, illness, weather, kid’s soccer game, work deadline, family emergency—there are a million reasons why you may need to take a day or two off from training.  In VeloPro, it is quick and easy to cancel a workout.

  1. Clip In and go to your Training Plan.  
  2. Select the day or days you need to take off.  Do this by clicking on the day, not the workout.
  3. Choose the “Mark as Time Off” option.
  4. Click the “Save” button.  

It is important to mark your days off on or before the actual date of the workout.  This allows VeloPro to recalculate your training plan and individual workouts, so that you stay on track for your goal.  If you change your mind later or your schedule frees up, you can always add cancelled workouts back to your plan by following the same process.   

Please note that you cannot retroactively take days off or add a workout back to the calendar after the day has passed. 

If you miss a workout or do not upload a ride for that day, VeloPro does not assume you took the day off and adjust your plan.  This is because many athletes upload rides several days after they workout due to travel, network connectivity or convenience.  When you upload multiple rides at one time, VeloPro takes into account your actual training load versus planned training load and may adjust future workouts to ensure you reach your goal in optimal shape.

At VeloPro, we know you have a busy life and want you to succeed!  That's why we've built our training system to dynamically adapt to you.