VeloPro Loves Zwift

Train outdoors or indoors with VeloPro!

Check out how easy it is to convert your VeloPro workout to ride indoors with Zwift!

VeloPro is unique in that our dynamic, structured training plans allow you to train anywhere.  You can ride outdoors and when the weather is inhospitable, indoors with services like Zwift. 

With just a couple mouse clicks you can convert any training ride into a .ZWO file for Zwift or a .ERG file supported by most smart trainers.  

Riding indoors is super sweet when you really want to nail your zone training.  For example, Sweet Spot Training requires that you keep your power output dialed in a very tight wattage range.  This can almost be impossible outdoors due to terrain variability.   Check our article “Top 5 Reasons to Ride Indoors” for more information.