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Old Dog, New Tricks

They say by your 30’s, you’ll have life figured out. And although some things have fallen into place—a great job, a cute little house, a dashingly handsome fiancée, and friends galore, I’m quickly learning there’s much left to learn in this world.

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From Mountain to Road - A New Challenge image

From Mountain to Road - A New Challenge

I have ridden bikes in some capacity my whole life. From BMX to mountain bikes to road bikes. I started riding on the road in high school with a converted Specialized Hard Rock that I put slicks on. There were no power meters around, no heart rate monitors, no GPS, just going out and riding as hard or as easy as you felt for the day.

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The Mohawk Valley Metric Century, a Ride for a Great Cause

Please check out this video. VeloPro and My First Century are proud to be a sponsor of  Eugene Velo's Mohawk Valley Metric Century.  Here's the best part. The Mohawk is a very important charity ride for the Oregon Supported Living Program's Arts & Culture Program.  Please check out the video.

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Training Intensity for a Century Ride image

Training Intensity for a Century Ride

Coach Kadir answers some basic questions on how train for a century ride and pace yourself for success at the event.

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Good Form on the Bike, Part 2

A strong core is critical to having good form on your bike. Check out this video to see some basic exercises to help you get started developing a strong core.

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Good Form on the Bike, Part 3

The final key to good form on the bike is staying relaxed. Coach Kadir and Stacey Royce show you how it is done.

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The Spins image

The Spins

For much of the late winter I was having bad nausea. I felt like I was seasick all the time, which made the idea of training seem daunting. In the back of my mind, I am always counting down the weeks to the Strawberry Century.

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The Importance of Good Form on Your Bike

In this three-part series, Adnan Kadir breaks down what it takes to have good form on your bike.

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New Stats Tab! image

New Stats Tab!

VeloPro users, we just added a new "Statistics" tab to your training page! You'll find your current FTP, Training Zones, Goal progress and more! Check it out.

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Day in the Life of a Cent Cols Rider image

Day in the Life of a Cent Cols Rider

Phil Deeker shares what a typical day is like for a Cent Cols Challenge rider. If you consider 200 Kilometers of cycling with 4,000 Meters of climbing typical! Also, Phil reveals the big secret about the CCC. It is called "The Moment." It is what brings riders back again and again.

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