Adam Fast - Gravel Ride

MFC featured athlete Adam Fast shares a beautiful gravel ride and sunset on a rare clear Winter day in Oregon. Thanks to Ryan Andersen for his track "Portland Rain" from the Free Music Archive.

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First MFC Team Ride

This video shows our first MFC team ride. It was cloudy and cold, but we beat the snow storm by two hours. After the ride, we handed out hydration and recovery products from Osmo Nutrition. and PowerTap PowerCals

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Big Love to Osmo image

Big Love to Osmo

At our first MFC Team Ride, Osmo Nutrition gave our athletes some great stuff to help their training.

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Now I Am Committed! image

Now I Am Committed!

The Mohawk Valley Metric Century and Strawberry Century are fun events with beautiful scenery, so if you haven't ridden them before, I would encourage you sign up!

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Meet Christy Hawkins -- Cycling Kit Designer

Here's a charming introduction to VeloPro's cycling kit designer, Christy Hawkins. It's also a sneaky preview of VeloPro's new kit! We also love her passion for supporting women's cycling. Bravo Christy!

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What Kind of Bike is Best for the Cent Cols Challenge? image

What Kind of Bike is Best for the Cent Cols Challenge?

Climbing 100 mountain peaks in 10 day requires physical fitness and mental strength. It also takes a bike tuned to perfection for the task. In this interview, we ask Phil Deeker what kind of bike works best for the Cent Cols Challenge.

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Gotta Train!

An Adam Fast -- Quick Film!

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Big Thanks to Chamois Butt'r image

Big Thanks to Chamois Butt'r

MFC Sponsor Chamois Butt'r delivers a ton a great stuff to our featured athletes.

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Adam Fast Video Blog: Chamois Butt'r Unboxing!

The great unboxing! MFC Sponsor Chamois Butt'r delivers the goods! Thank you Chamois Butt'r!

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