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What Kind of Cycling Athlete are You?

Most people don't consider themselves to be an athlete. "Athlete" conjures up images of Olympic heroes and genetically gifted pros. At VeloPro, we know everyone has the potential to be an athlete. Guest Blogger Stacey Royce explains the kinds of athletes you'll find in the cycling world. What kind of athlete are you?

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How do You Win - Coach Scott Cole

Scott Cole is the head coach and owner of Scott Cole Coaching. He is an elite USA Cycling Level 1 coach.  He is certified in Power Based Training and is one of just 8 USAC Ce...

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VeloPro is Dynamic and Adaptive

Coach Kadir explains how VeloPro adapts to each rider's unique schedule.

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How Do You Win - Ira Ryan

Iran Ryan is a nice and humble human. You only learn he's an athletic powerhouse from the discreet whispers of an amazed cycling community.  He was a winner of the read more

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More Cowbell Please!

She's a mom, a wife, a research scientist, a science writer/editor, and a kick-butt cyclocross racer. We're honored that Alix trained with VeloPro!

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VeloPro Loves Zwift

Check out how easy it is to convert your VeloPro workout to ride indoors with Zwift!

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Discovering a New Passion! image

Discovering a New Passion!

VeloPro guest blogger Dan Baker shares his journey from soccer to cycling.

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How do You Win - Jenny Whiteman

Jenny Whiteman is the co-owner of TEMPO cycling and pilates studio in Portland Oregon. She's an expert in balanced training and pilates. Jenny shares some hard earned wisdom on how you can pos...

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Jon's Beginner Blog #6 - Why the Fall is a Great Time to Ride

Confession time.  I had a huge article on bike safety primed and ready for this blog.  For all beginning riders, safety is a huge concern.  Never fear, I'll be back with that complete article next time.  This article is also abou...

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How do You Win - Coach Kirk Whiteman

Multiple time national and world champion track cyclist and coach, Kirk Whiteman, drops some snackable wisdom to inspire you. Kirk Whiteman is not only an accomplished cyclist, he's a world class coach. His athletes have won over 100 National and Wor...

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