Happy Holidays from VeloPro!

Ski legend Angie Hornbrook shares a unique Aussie Christmas song.

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My First Century Timeline image

My First Century Timeline

Learn when the MFC is getting its groove on!

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How do you win? - Pat O'Neill

Pat O'Neill is a certified ultra-endurance beast.  He's a pioneer in utra marathon, alpine, and mountain biking.  He's won more podiums in his career than most athletes have races.  For example, he's won the read more

Why I Ride - Dangerous Dave Anolik

In this special Winter edition, ultra-endurance athlete and VeloPro's digital marketing guru, Dangerous Dave Anolik, explains why he rides. Hey, does his bike in the background have a basket? :-)

On a serious note, for many of us with monk...

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Why I Ride - Designer Christy Hawkins

We're delighted to announce a new series of videos that celebrates cycling and shares all the joys of our two wheeled passions.  It is a simple idea, we just ask the question, "why do you ride?"  The answers are universal yet unique, somet...

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Rate of Perceived Exertion

Coach Kadir explains how VeloPro uses R.P.E. along with other metrics to guide your cycling training plan.

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Coach Kadir's Pro Blog - Notes from USA Cycling Coaching Summit image

Coach Kadir's Pro Blog - Notes from USA Cycling Coaching Summit

Coach Kadir shares the key topics discussed at this year's USA Cycling Coaching Summit

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Sharing the Love with our Friends image

Sharing the Love with our Friends

In cycling and in business, nobody goes it alone.

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How do you win? - Jon Seaman

Jon Seaman is the Chief Marketing Officer for VeloPro.  As a kidney transplant recipient, he has a pretty unique story on how he found cycling...

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Who is VeloPro Designed For?

One question we're often asked is, "Who is VeloPro designed for?" Coach Kadir keeps it real in this video. Because that's who we're focused on. Real people. Just like you....

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